pressure washer extension wand 18ft 4000psi

Release Date:2020-08-31 17:46

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Strong aluminum spray wand for pressure washer reaches tall areas up to 18ft away.
  • Maximum pressure of 4000 PSI makes jobs like cleaning building sides, houses, trucks, boats, warehouses, external walls, roofs and countless other applications previously out of reach easy.
  • 5 sections ,Easy to assemble and storage.
  • 13 degree extension lance.
  • Fits gas and electric pressure washer.

Product Details

For our speciality cleaning units, we feature a great selection of reputable wands for your high to reach areas capabilities .Our telescopic extension wands execute flawless results, specially built as:

*Extend to 18 FT

*Light and easily extendable

*Maximum pressure 4000 PSI

*Fits gas and electric pressure washer

*It could divided into 5 sections

*2 & 3 story building power washing

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