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Release Date:2021-05-06 11:42

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Multi-functional intelligent household appliances, juicer, soybean milk machine, juicer, ice breaker, blender,
  • Smart one-click cleaning
  • Appearance can be customized capacity can be customized language can be customized
  • Omnidirectional cutting
  • Smart Time Appointment

Product Details

1. Break the wall

2. Intelligent reservation with touch button is convenient and fast

3. Omnidirectional cutting, high dynamic and strong speed, no need to filter the wall again

4. Cold and hot wall breaking, efficient heating and fully boil

5. Stainless steel cover can be cleaned worry-free without touching the heating plate. Intelligent one-button automatic cleaning

Function: Soybean milk fish soup juice confused smoothie grinding appointment cleaning heating refrigeration

Capacity: Customizable

Appearance: Customizable

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