for iphone 12 case, hot sals 2mm shockproof armor transparent clear tpu phone case for iphone se to 11 12 pro max 2020 case soft

Release Date:2021-03-09 09:33

Five Advantages Of Products

  • The UAG cover was developed and manufactured for the dimensions of the new Apple the display is protected by a slightly protruding display edge when the smartphone is on the front
  • Excellent protective case, which is fully compatible with the wireless Qi charging function, the MagSafe chargers and Apple Pay (NFC), to charge your iPhone wirelessly and make contactless payments without having to remove the case
  • Thanks to its special material composition, it offers an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional plastic covers - without having to forego an outstanding protective effect
  • Reliably protects against knocks, falls, scratches and dirt - tested according to US military standard MIL-STD-810G 516.6, in which the bag with smartphone has to withstand several drops without damage
  • The specially developed honeycomb structure on the inside enables an extra stable, reliable cover with small dimensions and low weight

Product Details

Quick Details

Compatible Brand:Apple IPhones

Model Number:For iphone 12 pro max

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Name:2mm transparent tpu phone case for iphone 12 2020

Fit:For iphone se to 12 pro max

Type:case soft

Feature:Shock Proof

Function:Dust Protection


Package:OPP Bag or Retail Package


Item:for iphone 12 case clear

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