eco friendly Food grade single wall kraft paper biodegradable compost cup for hot drink

Release Date:2021-01-01 16:21

Five Advantages Of Products

  • High gram of the paper
  • Tight Rim of the cup mouth, to stick the lid very well
  • Flexo Printing
  • Factory directly sell
  • 100% wood pulp

Product Details

eco friendly Food grade single wall kraft paper biodegradable compost cup for hot drink

Xinhua Factory collection of standard hot drink cups includes a wide range of sizes from

 2oz to 22oz. All cups are made of fibers from renewable resources – trees.  

They are coated on the inside with PE, or PLA ,a moisture barrier. 

You can choose between our white standard cup, or add a cardboard wrap on it. In addition you can personalize the cup 

and decide  for a high quality printing of your design in up to 6 colors

Class:                 Standard

Intention of use: Hot drinks

Paper board:         190 gsm white

Barrier:                 18 gsm PE or 30 gsm PLA

Total weight (+/- 5%): 4,10 gr

Brimful volume: 210 ml

Filling volume: 175 ml

Brim diameter: 73 mm

Printing:                 Flexo 6 colors

Pcs per stack:         50

Pcs per Carton: 20


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xinhua paper cup factory

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