disposable face mask

Release Date:2021-04-22 10:12

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency:BFE≥95%
  • Adjustable according to nose shape:Yes
  • Material:NON-WOWEN, Non-woven Material
  • Color: Blue
  • MOQ:10000pcs

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name:pingbu trade

Disinfecting Type: None

Size: 17.5*9.5, 17.5*9.5cm

Type: medical mask

Stock: Yes

Shelf Life: 2 years

Instrument classification: Class II

Material: NON-WOWEN, Non-woven Material

Applicable People: Adult

Filter Rating: BFE≥95%

Product name: Disposable Medical Face Mask

Color: Blue

Usage: Medical Protection

Packing: 50pcs/box

MOQ: 10000pcs

Layer: 3 Plys

Style: Earloop Mask

BFE: 95% - 99.9%

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