customized high quality esd chairs

Release Date:2020-11-26 20:45

Five Advantages Of Products

  • high quality
  • adjustable of hardness of the cushion
  • Fast delivery
  • No MOQ
  • In house QC

Product Details

 PU Lab Chair High Quality Laboratory Furniture Height Adjustable ESD Laboratory Chair 


Product NameLaboratory Chair ,PU Lab Chair ,height adjustable medical chairModel PUC-01 unfinished furniture high chairSeatPU SeatMesh colorBlackBackPU BackArmrestNo Armrest lab stool chairMechanismAdjustable Height Mechanism .2 Function with Back Bar and Dust CoverGaslift260mm Chrome Gaslift,Bifma Pass CLASS 3Base350mm Chrome Base with Footring 450mmCastorNylon Castor 50mm /Glides Optional ComponentsChair Kit as photo

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