Video Surveillance Camera Wireless Night Vision Smart Home Security IP Cameras Motion Detection - Camera

Release Date:2020-07-22 23:23

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Internet network HD video camera
  • The LED lamp night vision 10 meters(IR-CUT automatic switching)
  • Wireless connection
  • Safeguard the home

Product Details

Main Features

Product name: Internet network HD video camera
Manual video format: MP4(1280*720P, storage in mobile)
Video compression standard: H.264(Storge in TF card )
Audio compression standard: G.711(Storge in TF card )
Video playback mode: Mobile APP
Audio input and output: Input: a built-in microphone; output: built-in speaker
IR night vision: The LED lamp night vision 10 meters(IR-CUT automatic switching)
Local storage: TF card, maximum support 128G
Cloud Storage: Support
Support multiple protocols: TCP/UDP,IP,HTTP,SMTP,DHCP,DDNS,UPNP,NTP
WiFi protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Video control: Support
Motion detection: Support
Alarm action: Mobile APP push screenshot
User settings: Max share to 5 users
System interface: 1pc USB power supply interface,1 TF interface
Supply voltage: 5V 1.6A
Power consumption: <5W
Working temperature: 0℃ -60℃
Application: Indoor
Product size: 6.3*4*6.3cm
Packaging and accessories:
1 Color box
2 Inner support
3 Screw package
4 Instructions
5 Reset Pin

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