Two-color injection molding machine processed products

Release Date:2021-04-12 16:17

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Stable quality
  • Good appearance
  • High product precision
  • Saving and environmental protection
  • Good structural strength

Product Details

    Two-color injection molding products are not only a simple combination of two or more color plastics, but also higher requirements for injection molding machines in terms of product accuracy, beautiful appearance, better integration of different color plastics, and product molding cycle. For products with different plastics in the inner and outer layers, it can replace secondary processing to one-shot molding. Due to different color combinations, old products (molds) can be given new life. 

    The core material can be made of low-viscosity materials, and the injection pressure can be reduced. The skin layer material can be made of high-quality materials with special surface properties or anti-electromagnetic wave interference to increase product performance. The proper combination of skin material and core material can reduce residual stress and increase product strength.

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