SW-2201 Ultraviolet sterilizer

Release Date:2021-01-04 18:05

Five Advantages Of Products

  • * Man-machine shared room, personnel do not need to leave the scene when disinfection,Fight Agaist Covid-19Removes 99.99% of the airborne bacteria and virus without harming humans, plants or animals.
  • * Small in size and takes up no space
  • * No chemical composition, no pollution to the environment
  • * Protection also against seasonal flu
  • * Use medical grade UVC lamps

Product Details

Ultraviolet sterilizer

Virus  mainly spreads from person to person. When someone who is infected, coughs or sneezes, they leave droplets into the air which contains the Virus. A healthy person then breathes those droplets and also may catch the Virus by touching a surface or object where them infected droplets settled. The Virus is more likely to be spread indoor than outdoor because of low airflow. And it is riskier in cold weather countries as most of the time people keep doors, windows and ventilation closed to control the indoor temperature. So there is no or very limited airflow circulation, and Virus stays in the indoor air. 

Our research team believe that places like some old buildings, School, Colleges, University, hospital, pubs, restaurant, gym, retail outlets where insufficient air recirculation is possible. So respiratory illnesses, bacteria and other viruses can flourish in this environment. To tackle this problem, we can offer the product which will be helpful in this type of situation and control the Virus indoor. 

Technical Details - General

• Case: Carbon steel (rustproof) with powder coating and a front cover with air grille for air inlet and outlet on both sides
• Case interior: Contains germicidal UV-C lamps
• Human health: Due to the design of the device, UV-C rays are harmless to health and cannot cause skin or eye irritation
• Fan: a powerful fan guides the airflow through a dust filter (filter flow) into the system and  disinfects along the UV-C lamps to clean it of germs and viruses
• UV-C-lamps: The air is sterilized by the UV-C lamps. The clean air is returned (without contamination) to the environment

microcomputer to control ultraviolet rays and ozone two kinds of sterilization formula. In ultraviolet sterilization mode, people are not harmed so they can continue to work without leaving the room. When there is no one in the room, ozone + ultraviolet sterilization mode has a better killing effect on bacteria and viruses. This mode will sterilize any corner of the room and any surface. When the ozone mode is working, an alarm will be issued to remind people to leave the scene. This product provides the timing function to specify the duration of the sterilization mode operation.


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