Release Date:2021-03-05 16:10

Five Advantages Of Products

  • The solder joints are white
  • Bright without polishing
  • Cold welding+Argon ARC welding in one machine
  • Precision digital ARC wdlders
  • Factory direct sales

Product Details

SH-M01 C/D  argon arc cold welding machines is mainly used for the welding of thin plates of stainless steel food machinery, cabinet countertops, advertising characters, stainless steel decorations, etc. They have the characteristics of bright solder joints, no blackening and discoloration, and small deformation.


It can also repair the dents, holes, holes, crevices, grooves, corners, ridges, peaks, trachoma and the surrounding dents produced by ordinary argon arc welding machines in different parts of the mold.


Realize high-quality welding operations in medical equipment, hotel supplies, gold and silver jewelry, hardware, small household appliances, advertising decorations and other industries. It can be used for various special machines, targeting 0.30-1.5mm (SH-M01D welding thickness range is 0.3-3.0 mm) Welding of stainless steel and cold-rolled plates.



三合不锈钢冷焊机焊接效果 (81)_副本.jpg

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