Rockery screen

Release Date:2021-03-09 16:11

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Rational deepening of drawings
  • Laser and wire cutting angle cutting
  • Manual welding + Argon arc welding
  • Vacuum ion plating
  • Factory direct sales

Product Details

Stainless steel grilles, partitions, and stainless steel screens (hereinafter collectively referred to as stainless steel screens) play the role of space decoration and beautification, as well as traditional screen separation, wind shielding, and coordination. At present, it is widely used by the domestic commercial decoration industry, and it is also used in decoration and luxury decoration. Stainless steel screens can be divided into: stainless steel tube welded screens, stainless steel plate hollow screens, and stainless steel flat steel welded screens. According to its surface process effect, it can be divided into: mirror surface (bright surface) stainless steel screen and brushed surface (matte surface) stainless steel screen. There are two welding processes in the welding forming process, one is called seam welding: seam welding is the effect of spot welding. The other is seamless welding: it is the effect of full welding and grinding and polishing. Since there are no gaps in the welding place, it is called seamless welding. According to the color of the surface, it can be divided into: rose gold, bronze, green bronze, red bronze, titanium stainless steel screen and so on. Various types of stainless steel screens differ due to the different manufacturing processes and processes of each manufacturer, and the prices of materials, processes, and colors are also different. Because of its particularity, it is currently mainly used in commercial decoration, such as: hotel decoration, hotel decoration, club decoration, exhibition hall decoration, restaurant decoration, etc., and it has become an eye-catching part of commercial decoration. 


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