Plastic Injection Molding Parts for Electronic Toys

Release Date:2018-08-29 15:47

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Customized service for your application
  • Different sizes, different shapes based on your requirement.
  • Good quality and pretty price
  • Samples available for the first molding
  • Prompt delivery for both mold and plastic parts

Product Details

Plastic Injection Molding Parts for Electronic Toys

Product Name:  Plastic Injection Mould

Mold Base:  LKM, HASCO, DME,etc.

Mold Cavity:  Single, Mult, Family

Molding Material:  ABS, PC, PP, PE, PA, PS, +GF, POM, PMMA, etc.

Color:  transparent, solid color according to your requestsuests

Surface:  textured, glossy or mirror polished, printing, plantingect.

Design software:  PRO/E. Solidwork, UG. Moldflow. Autocad, etc

Mold Material:  S50C, P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 738H, etc.

Mold Life:  300,000~1,000,000 cyces according to your requests

Runner:  Cold, hot runner such as YUDO. MASTER. SYNVENTIVE.etc.

Package:  Plywood case

Company Profile:

Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd has been delicated to the mold making industry for 25 years. With constant growing and development, now Green Vitality has accumulated rich experience and build up a strong steady engineering and manufacturing team.

Interview us for your next project.

We can provide a rewarding partnership for your tooling and plastics requirements.

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Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd

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