PCD Dies

Release Date:2020-05-18 11:28

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Special pre-treatment technology to create super adhesion strength, extended die life;
  • Long life, greatly reducing the frequency of die change;
  • Ultra-fine nano-level polished surface improves wire quality;
  • Improve drawing speed, ultra high-speed drawing, improve production efficiency;
  • No special lubricating, clean the lubricating medium to achieve both long dies service.

Product Details

PCD Wire drawing dies are widely used, such as high precision wire materials used in electronic devices, radar, television, instrumentation and aerospace, as well as commonly used tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire, wire and cable wire and various alloy wires are all drawn with diamond wire drawing die. The manufactured diamond wire drawing die has strong abrasion resistance and high service life because it uses natural diamond as raw material. The production process of wire drawing die set includes several process steps such as stamping, drafting and turning.

Our company set up an advanced, world-class testing and inspect center for PCD dies, to check the quality of PCD die blanks. With the development of test center, we accumulate a lot of experience on PCD die blanks, which will be more helpful in the further R&D development. Meanwhile, we can supply technical supports to customer when they met issues.


We can supply full line services in PCD die blanks, PCD semi-finished dies and finished dies. We can supply overall solutions to customers. You will enjoy your buying convenience.

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