OEM joker flying snow spray for party

Release Date:2021-10-11 15:49

Five Advantages Of Products

  • accept OEM
  • cheap price
  • for any party
  • safety
  • amusing

Product Details

Snow Spray

Flying Snow Spray

Detailed Description

1.to paint sceneries on window
2.sprays continuously and no harm to skin
3.got EN 71 certificate...


Easy to spray on,easy to wash out! Sprays on shampoos out!



Snow Spray Features:
1) It sprays continuous and does no harm to skin, no dust to clothes.
2) The snow would disappear automatically.

3)Certification:CE & SGS

4)Application:Christmas,birthday party, wedding,back to school ,etc.Use it inside or outside.

5)Be popular in the party to foil party's atmosphere



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