New Fashion Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium plating Cubic Zircon Pendant Necklace for Women Gift

Release Date:2021-10-13 15:45

Five Advantages Of Products

  • OEM/ODM service & designer team can finished 3D drawing file per client's required within 24 hours
  • Sample can be finished within 7 -10 days
  • 1000+ designs jewelry are available. Custom your dream jewelry are more favorable
  • Lifetime warranty by our factory
  • IS09001:2015 Verification, product quality and corporate quality are more guaranteed

Product Details

Material: Sterling silver 925 

Style: European and American

Packing: custom are available

Color:  sterling silver 925 plating with rhodium/ rose gold/yellow gold

Product material:  sterling silver with 3A / 5A zircon stone, Moissante stone, diamond are available

Applicable occasions: gift, opening ceremony, employee benefits, trade fairs, weddings, housewarming, daily work, birthdays, travel

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