Mobile phone live support fill light anchor anchor beauty skin rejuvenation ring beauty light shooting lamp

Release Date:2020-06-06 01:50

Five Advantages Of Products

  • support multi-camera live stream
  • remote control is convenient
  • usb 5v power supply is secure
  • led fill light can restore the original color of the object is more accurate,plentiful and comprehensiveled
  • Multi-angle mobile phone stand can be adjusted as you like

Product Details

Clothing bloggers live with goods Make-up thrush highlights face

Remote control light brightness switch Beauty tattoo lighting fill light

Angel eyes full soft light eye protection Portrait fill-up beauty selfie

Live fill light 10 inch headlights fill light in the province Multi-camera, multi-platform live broadcast The ring-shaped beauty comes with a beautiful lens effect to make your eyes more charming and divine. Real shot fill-in effect The phone screen can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. A fill-light lamp bracket that makes you feel very relaxed. Built-in soft light tricolor Multi-position brightness can be adjusted.

The circular aperture simulates the natural sun's natural light projection. Even light fill. Natural light forms face highlights. The lines in the shadow area are more obvious. The silhouette of the portrait is full of three-dimensional sense.

Professional equipment combination set

The combination of aluminum alloy panoramic tripod + beauty fill light makes the anchor more convenient, the live broadcast is more stable and professional.


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