Autumn and winter new cotton and hemp sail cloth versatile portable bucket women's bag simple pillow one shoulder handbag wholesale

Release Date:2020-10-26 09:02

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Product Details

Style: Leisure

Source category: spot

Inventory: no

Article No.: as-9295

Latest delivery time: 3 (days)

Support distribution: support distribution

Threshold of franchise distribution: None

Fabric texture: Canvas

Lining texture: Polyester

Style: Women's handbag

Bag trend style: small square bag

Bag shape: vertical square

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Guangdong Jianshang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd

Name: Yuan Shufen

Job Title: manager

Department: Marketing Department

Company Phone: +86 0769-23067698

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Mobile Phone: +86-13143273913


Address: 518-521, 5th floor, block B, No.7 Xinji Road, Nancheng street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province ,China

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