Lunch Box 520A3

Release Date:2020-12-14 10:11

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Corner snap design
  • Food grade material safety guarantee
  • Built-in non-slip groove to protect the integrity of food during transportation
  • Harder starch, reducing the squeeze of the flakes on food when the lunch boxes are stacked
  • Environmentally friendly materials with high degradation

Product Details

Quick Details

Material:plastic                                                            Use:FoodPlastic 

Type:BOPS/PS                                                              Process Type:Blister

Custom Order:Accept                                                  Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:Harvest plastic                                        Model Number:PLA-05

Product name:Wholesale PLA biodegradable black plastic sushi food packing tray

Keyword1:Rectangular eco-friendly recycle fruit biscuit packaging tray

Keyword2:Restaurant take away pla blister packing tray with transparent lid

Keyword3:PLA biodegradable disposable black plastic sushi food packing plate

Certification:ISO, SGS, EU, BRC                                   Service:OEM ODM Custom

Logo:Acceptable Customer's Logo                             Temperature Resistance:45 ℃

Feature:Eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable    Usage:Sushi, cake, fruit, cold food packaging

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