Lifelike Plastic Mallard Duck Decoy Hen for Hunting Shooting Fishing Home Garden Decoration

Release Date:2021-08-19 09:28

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Lifelike duck decoy with a weighted keel.
  • World-class anatomically perfect bodies, amazing feather details.
  • It can be put in fields or float on the water due to its plastic material.
  • It is not only a deadly decoy for hunting or fishing, but also a unique object for garden home decoration or collection.

Product Details


Material: Plastic

Size:12.2x5.9x5.9 inch / 31x15x15 cm (approx.)

Color: As Pictures Shown

Package Includes:

1 X Duck Decoy


A duck decoy with a weighted keel ONLY, decoy rigs are not included.

The size of the actual item could be slightly different from the the size above due to hand measurement.

Due to the lighting effects, monitor settings,etc.There could be some slight difference in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.



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