Jsw Injection molding machine

Release Date:2021-03-12 12:44

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Mold locking device (top quality in the industry)
  • Injection unit (high precision metering control with a rich variety of screw rods for all molding plants)
  • Controller SYSCOM5000i (to improve maneuverability and identification)
  • Energy saving and maintenance
  • High capacity formwork

Product Details

The injection molding machine is easy to operate and has complete functions. 

Original high-precision metering control,with reverse sealing control (after the calculation is completed,the screw can be reversed in a certain amount,strengthen the locking of the reverse ring,inhibit salivation); at the same time with IWCS control(in order to stabilize the quality of the product, control the amount of molten resin denstity).

"Plate template"with uniform clamping force(through high rigid clamping device,more unifor distribution of pressure on the mold surface is realized)

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