Injection molding manipulator manufacturer direct servo cross - walk manipulator injection molding fetch mechanical arm

Release Date:2021-04-17 11:00

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Imported pneumatic components, durable
  • Innovative side Posture Group design, fixed rotation 90 degrees, can be used with fixed or mobile die to take out the product
  • Pull and arm use aluminum alloy profile with high rigid wire gauge, low noise, small vibration, long service life.
  • The application of double speed mechanism makes the arm speed faster and take out time shorter
  • The drawing arm and the taking arm are made of high-strength aluminum profile with precise linear slide rail, which is light in weight, good in rigidity, low in friction and long in life

Product Details

Product Description: 

Features charactedscuc

Imported pneumatic components, durable.

Each axis is driven by servo motor, running smoothly, positioning accurately, and can be automatically packed and arranged.

The draw arm and the take-off arm are made of solid steel, with precise linear slide rail, good rigidity, stable operation and long service life. The use of multiple servo motors makes the arm movement more flexible, and several servo motors are linked, greatly shortening the take-out cycle and safety cycle

Operator controller

Chinese / English switching

Automatic fault detection and alarm recording function

Mold data record, can record 100 kinds of mold memory

Perfect built-in program to meet your diversified applications

Large capacity built-in functions to meet your diversified applications

Reserved contact can be connected to peripheral equipment such as conveyor belt and receiving platform

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