Icy 1080P HD Mini wifi camera Ip Camera wifi Micro Security Camera Wireless Monitor Surveillance Camera 1080p CCTV Night Vision - 1080P HD Camera

Release Date:2020-08-17 00:59

Five Advantages Of Products

  • IR Distance up to 15 meter
  • Monitor without power supply
  • PIR Body motion detection
  • Circular Storage Mode
  • Updated auto night vision

Product Details

Main Features

Resolution: 1920*1080

Audio record
Supports Wi-Fi and AP Mode
Support Micro SD card, up to 64Gb(Does not contain Micro SD Card);
Support for mobile video surveillance(iOS, Android)
Support Motion Detection
Support night vision(Non-luminous)
Built-in microphone built-in lithium battery

HD1080p 8 million HD wide-angle WiFi wireless remote monitoring!
high-end master stable practical work to support the movement of mobile detection
support night vision, open night vision all-black shooting 15 meters, night vision lights will not emit light
support 8G 16G 32G 64G card! Mobile phone playback!
support real-time monitoring WiFi hot spot, but also supports the remote network!
the back of the machine is magnetic!
Support the use of side charging, built-in lithium battery, can be used to connect the charger or the use of large-capacity rechargeable treasure!!

This mini camera can support 64G storage for about 20 days. (Memory card not included)
Local storage, built-in card slot, support card function, do not open the computer can also achieve 24 hours video storage, can support 8-64g TF card storage, video storage for about 20 days, recorded automatically after the original video coverage, video recording synchronization.
Million HD camera.
Imported high-definition optical lens group,1920*1080p resolution, clear picture, most of the use of the environment, the picture is not running, not blurred, clear, and bright.
120 degree wide-angle,1080P HD, card video recording for 1280*720P resolution, HD more wide angle.
Charging uses constant power supply.
Camera built-in battery for 3.5 hours, can also be connected to the 220V power supply has been used.
Magnetic suction support, 360-degree adjustment angle.
Built-in lithium battery, charging can work 3.5 hours at a time.
Polymer lithium battery, for more than 200 minutes of continuous video, can also be connected to the charging treasure edge filling record.
Night vision 15 meters, mobile video remote alarm.


Type: Video Camera

Connectivity: WIFI

Style: Mini Camera

Supported Mobile Systems: ANDROID, ios

Power Supply(V): 110v-220v

Viewing Angle (Degree): 120°

Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): 3.1cm*3.1cm*3.2cm

High Definition: 1080P(Full-HD)

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