High performance Super Cell SCK Marine Rubber Fender

Release Date:2020-12-07 11:10

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Can support large panels
  • Strong,well-proven design
  • Large range of performance
  • High performance,reasonable structure
  • More reasonable structure

Product Details

Super cell type rubber fender' features 

1.Compare with general cell rubber fenders,its rated Compression raise 5%,the reaction force

is basicly the same,while the energy absorbtion nearly rise17%. The value of unit reaction

force/energy absorbtion(E/ R.H)nearly rise 15%.

2. With front panel in the margin of fender,it can lower the pressure of the side board of the

ship,the pressure can be controlled at below 200KN/m2,it specially apply for the berthing of large model ship.

3.UHMW-PE is set in the front of panel,it can reduce the friction factor between ship and

fender,and lower the shear power while the ship berthing,and raise the life of fender using.

Model Number:  SCK

Processing Service:  Moulding

Specification:  630mm-2500mm Height

Weight:  230kg-10500kg

Rated Deflection:  52:5%-55%

Reaction Force:  140KN-5540KN

Energy Absorption:  39KN/M-6050KN/M

Material:  nature rubber

Colour:  black

OEM Permitted:  YES! Welcome.

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