Hardware CNC machining machine processing

Release Date:2020-08-20 17:58

Five Advantages Of Products

  • The quality of the product
  • Processing speed
  • Technology innovation
  • Automatic testing equipment
  • secrecy

Product Details

Dongguan City Ben Xun precision hardware Products Co., LTD., is a professional engaged in precision metal parts machining production and molding enterprises!

Service project

Hand plate making, CNC processing, 3D printing, sheet metal processing, small batch customization

Service features

Technical innovation, complex and difficult sample processing, rapid quotation, processing speed, high precision, quality assurance, product confidentiality system, one-to-one service, cost-effective

Application field

Auto parts, automatic robots, UNMANNED aerial vehicles, medical equipment, mechanical hardware, aerospace military industry, electronic instruments,

Lighting, 3C digital, home appliances, communication mobile phones

The processing technology

CNC processing, lathe processing, 3D printing SLA/SLS/FDM/SLM, silica gel cladding, sheet metal forming, electric spark, wire cutting

1: First-class technical team, to assist customers from product development to production, ensure product quality and delivery time, so that customers have no worries! 

2: Efficient production process can ensure the timely delivery of customers' orders! 

3. Innovative tooling clamping process, which can carry out targeted clamping design according to customer's product characteristics, to ensure customer's product quality! 

4: Affordable price, reduce the cost of product development and production for customers! 

5: Efficient response and reply mechanism, 7*24 people timely respond to customer needs!

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