Release Date:2021-06-11 11:02

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Comply with RoHS, HF, REACH environmental protection requirements
  • Safety certification: cUL, TUV, CQC
  • Great anti-surge current capability 3500A
  • Low leakage current
  • Superior limiting voltage characteristics

Product Details



a. Comply with RoHS, HF, REACH environmental protection requirements 

b. Wide operating temperature range: -40~+125℃; 

    Storage temperature range: -40~+125℃; 

c. Safety certification: TUV, CQC; 

d. Low leakage current; 

e. Superior limiting voltage characteristics;

f. Great ability to withstand surge current 3500A (@8/20uS); 


Mainly used for voltage clamping when the circuit is subjected to overvoltage


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