Good quality remote control electrical barrier gate

Release Date:2020-06-24 15:16

Five Advantages Of Products

  • high speed
  • high frequency
  • smooth and stable
  • convenience
  • safety

Product Details

Functions and Features:

1. DC permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), servo control.

2. The motor has the same performance as the main motor of the CNC machine and electric vehicle. It has high control precision, high torque density, good torque balance, low power consumption, high efficiency, and low noise.

3. Double extension spring crank transmission design, for a more stable and reliable structure.

4. No limit switch design, accurate encoder detection, detecting boom position when power on.

5. More sensitive and reacting faster when reversing on obstacles.

6. More than 95% of the parts are precisely manufactured by the flexible production line of industrial robots. Higher assembly precision and better batch consistency bring longer product service life.

7. Bi-direction boom holder design, left-installation, and right-installation can be exchanged easily and quickly. 

8. 4-digit digital tube display, easy to set motor speed, counting, and auto-reversing sensitivity.

9. Move the boom during power-off:

DZ04SV2: Manual clutch design, turn manual hand-wheel away from positioning, then move the boom by hand directly.

DZ04SV1: Turn manual hand-wheel to move the boom.        

10. A network port, loop detector, and radar module can be added.

11. A DC12V power supply is optional.


Technical Data:

1.Working Temperature: -35℃~+85℃

2. Input Voltage: 220VAC±10%, 110VAC±10%

3. Max Motor Power: 150W

4. Humidity: ≤90%

5. The distance of Remote Control: ≥30m

6. Insulation Grade: F

7. Running Speed and Max Boom Length: 

DZ04SV1: 3/4/5S, max boom length: 6m straight boom, 4.5m two-fence boom, 4m three-fence boom

DZ04SV2: 1.5/2/3/4/5S, max boom length: 6m straight boom, 4.5m two-fence boom, 4m three-fence boom.

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