A large number of customized NOMEX insulation paper T410 white aramid paper high temperature and fireproof insulation paper

Release Date:2020-11-11 16:09

Five Advantages Of Products

  • High temperature resistance
  • Heat resistant
  • Tear resistance
  • Wearable
  • Flame retardant

Product Details

NOMEX insulating paper is an aromatic polyamide, collectively referred to as aromatic polyamide. Made of two types of aromatic polyamide polymers. The fine fibrous bonding particles chromatographic fibers are cut directly from the polymer under high shear. These particles are mixed with short fibers of a certain length cut from the filaments. It has a unique and appropriate balance of performance, and has been widely used in transformers, motors, generators and other electrical equipment for many years to improve the reliability of electrical insulation.


Without calendering treatment, it is the predecessor of NOMEX? T410 paper. Its thickness is 0.13~0.58mm, the specific gravity is 0.3, and the electrical and mechanical properties are relatively low. This product is mostly used in motor phase insulation and transformer coil insulation, where the thickness and adaptability of the product are relatively high, and T411 is also easier to penetrate and saturate.


1. Inherent dielectric strength

The calendered product can withstand a short-term voltage field strength of 18-40KV/mm, without further treatment with varnish and resin; because the product has a low dielectric constant, the electric field distribution between the insulating and cooling medium is more Evenly

2. Mechanical toughness

Elasticity, tear resistance and abrasion resistance are good, thinner products are flexible;

3. Thermal stability

The product has the approval of UL material temperature rating of 220°C, which means that it can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years even if it is continuously placed at 220°C;

4. Chemical compatibility

Basically not affected by most solvents, and very resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It is easily compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants, and cooling agents.

5. Low temperature performance

At the boiling point of nitrogen (77K), the tensile strength exceeds the strength value at room temperature;

6. Not sensitive to moisture

When the product is 95% wet, its dielectric strength is 90% of that in a completely dry state. At the same time, many mechanical properties are actually improved;

7. Radiation resistance

Even if the intensity of ionizing radiation reaches 800 Mrad, the product is basically unaffected, and it still maintains its mechanical and electrical properties after 8 times of radiation of this dose;

8. Non-toxic/flammable

The product will not produce any known toxic reactions to humans or animals. The product does not melt in the air and does not support combustion. And at 220°C, its limiting oxygen index (LOI) is greater than 20.8 (the critical value of general empty combustion), so It will not burn. The product meets the flame resistance requirements of UL94V-0;

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