Economical Double System Series

Release Date:2021-07-06 18:04

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Needle bed adopts the milling flute method with simple structure, it can sustain high efficiency working after heat treatment.
  • Single Carriage with double system, 50% increase in knitting efficiency.
  • The cam structure optimization, used the motor model, greatly improved the speed of needle transfer.
  • Small carriage, can return fast, improved work efficiency.
  • Cooperation the yarn storage improved the flatness of fabric.

Product Details

Single carriage with double system, this computerized flat knitting machine are used digital technology to achieve  the patterns of knit, transfer, tuck, pointel, intarsia, jacquard ,apparent shape, hidden shape, and other regular or irregular patterns knitting functions, can knit basic single or double jersey plain fabric, irregular multi-color jacquard, intarsia, cable and pointel structure patterns , which suitable to knit by yarns of pure silk, mixed silk, synthetic, wool,acrylic, mixed fiber material etc.

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