Custom precision CNC parts lathe parts hardware parts aluminum alloy stainless steel copper plastic

Release Date:2021-05-24 17:06

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Non-standard/standard/OEM/ODM/customized service provided
  • No MOQ, no quantity limited
  • Fast lead time
  • Custom precision CNC parts lathe parts
  • High precision

Product Details

The Material:Aluminum 

The tolerance:+0.02mm

Various Finishes: The First is natural color, the second is gray oxidation, the third black oxidation.

 The machine: CNC machining center

Win customer's love! High precision! 

Custom Aluminum CNC parts!

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Dongguan Wanjiang Chmine Machinery Processing Factory

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Address: 138 Baxin Road, Wanjiang Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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