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Product Details

Product category       

Product name: CNC machined parts

Process: CNC machining

Type: Process CNC machining,CNC turning,CNC milling,CNC lathe processing, CNC boring,CNC grinding,CNC drilling etc.

Material Capabilities:  Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Steel Alloys, Copper, Stainless Steel, Titanium alloy, Hardened Metals, Plastic

Micro machining or Not:  Micro machining

Place of Origin:  Shenzhen, China

Machining Tolerate:  ±0.01mm

Drawing Format:  PDF/CAD/DWG/DXF/STP/IGS etc.

Packing:  Carton or as required.

Surface Treatment:  Anodizing/Brushing/Galvanized/Electroplating/Powder coating/Sandblasting/Silk printing/PVD/Nickel/Chrome Plating etc.

Machining equipment:  3/4/5 Axis CNC center

Type available:  Milling, Turning, Drilling etc.

Application:  Automotive, Industrial, Energy, Toy, Medical, Electronic, Machinery, Robotics, Architecture, Lighting, Textile machinery etc.


Our Services

We are manufacturer of CNC machined parts

Item:   Customized precision CNC machining

Material: Aluminum(6061-T6, 6063, 7075-T6, 5052) etc.

               Brass / Copper / Bronze etc.

               Iron: 1213, 12L14,1215 etc.

               Stainless steel(302,303,304,316,420) etc.

               Steel(Light steel,Q235,20#, 45# ) etc.

               Plastic(ABS, Delrin, PP, PE, PC,acrylic acid)etc.

Process: CNC machining,CNC turning,CNC milling,CNC lathe processing,CNC boring, CNC grinding,CNC drilling etc.

Surface treatment:      Transparent / color anodized;hard anodizing;powder coating;

                                    Sand blasting,laser carving,silk screening;

                                    Nickel plated,chrome,galvanized,silver / gold plating;

                                    Black oxide coating;polishing;etc....

Certification: IS09001:2015,  SGS

Manufacturability: Depends on the complexity of different products and quantities

Experience:  CNC machining service for 10 years

Packaging Customization:   Design packaging according to your products;

                                             Make the packaging according to your requests;

                                             Print your LOGO on the packaging as long as you need;

                                             Other request according to your need.

MOQ:    Satisfy customer's request

Shipping Ways:   Express (DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS);By air ; By sea;Or according to your requirements.



QC ( Inspection everywhere )

1. Firstly , Check the raw material before massive production.

2. During production , Technicians self - check and engineer spot check to assure the good quality .

3. QC Inspect after products finished.

4. Before package, we will choose the best way to avoid the unecessary damages during transportation .

5. Salesmen who were trained the technical know - how spot check before shipping .

6.High quality CNC Turning custom metal precision milling parts services, hardware and plastic CNC Machining fabrication





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