Custom Sized Sound Accessories Packing Eva Case Speaker Eva Bag

Release Date:2020-03-26 21:47

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Improve product storage capacity and brand quality
  • Low tooling costs,Lightweight portability with protection of a hard case
  • Easier to shape & low rejection rate
  • To offer security against impact, dust, sun, moisture and other environmental stresses
  • Eco-friendly, Variety of colors

Product Details

If you are looking for a case that can protect your delicate devices or sensitive instruments, a thermoformed EVA case is an ideal solution. 

Due to its durability, rigidity and lightweight, EVA cases offer perfect alternative to hard plastic cases and aluminum cases. With low tooling cost, a EVA foam can be molded to any shape, any size you want. Yingkui Case’s unique thermoforming process can create better and diversified form of EVA cases. 

In addition, advanced lamination process we have can create stronger adhesion of cover material. This increases durability and enable our customers to have more design option. 

Our professional Quality Control team inspects all of our incoming raw materials and outbound finished products to ensure on-time delivery and high quality.

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