Conductive polymer flexible anode and MMO/Ti flexible anode

Release Date:2020-12-18 15:59

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Evenly distributed output current; even the anti-corrosive coating of the pipe is damaged seriously, the even distribution of current can also be guaranteed to realize cathode protection;
  • Small interference in the stray current can solve shield and interference issues in complex pipe network areas;
  • Share the trench with pipes solves the issue of anode laying in zones with rock and high resistivity;
  • Easy installation; packaged product can be installed directly and requires no additional components and materials;
  • Simple and convenient construction; construct simultaneously with pipes and share trench with them to facilitate installation. Meanwhile, the current loss can is decreased significantly and the utilization efficiency of protection current is improved.

Product Details

BS-JB39-52 flexible conductive polymer anode can solve some difficulties in the traditional cathode protection technology universally, besides conquering the challenge of cathode protection of old pipes successively.

For instance, the interference in external structures, the implementation of cathode protection in the environment medium with high resistivity and the current distribution of cathode protection at the bottom of the storage tank. It features even current distribution, low energy consumption, long service life of anode, etc.


● Continuous conductive polymer anode;

● Continuous internal copper-core cable;

●Coke filled in fabric cladding layer;

● Breathable fabric cladding.


● Cable traction type laying;

● Trench excavation for laying;

● Laying on the sand layer at tank bottom or between tanks.


● Cathode protection for pipes with degraded and seriously damaged coating;

●Cathode protection for pipes in areas with stonework and high soil resistivity;

● Regional cathode protection for underground metal facilities regional cathode protection for oil and gas transportation station yard, petrochemical plant, power plant;

● Cathode protection for floors and external walls of storage tanks.

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