Christmas Cotton Mask

Release Date:2020-12-20 17:48

Five Advantages Of Products

  • OEM design
  • Soft cotton material
  • factory price
  • soft earhook
  • low moq

Product Details

-Material: soft and breathable cotton

-Size: 20cm X 15cm / 7.87" X 5.9"

★ Perfect design: neutral fashion design. It protects you while making you look very stylish and beautiful.

★ When you wear it, it fits your face seamlessly. Elastic earrings are easy to wear and do not put pressure on the ears.

★ It can be hand-washed in warm water or in normal water.

★ It can keep warm and windproof in winter and sunscreen in summer to protect your eyes.

★ Very suitable for running, camping, hiking, shopping, traveling, morning exercise, cycling, cleaning, painting, performances, parties, role playing.

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