China Factory Wholesale interior doors Door Moisture Resistant Wpc Doors Entrance

Release Date:2020-12-15 15:11

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fire resistance
  • Water proof
  • Damp proof
  • Mould proof
  • Insect prevention

Product Details

Foshan Juye Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Southwest town, Sanshui district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, China. It covers an area of 16500 square meters, employs 105 staffs,. Our factory specialized in research, development, design, production and sales of  WPC door, WPC furniture board, WPC wall panel and other WPC products. Paint door and heat transfer door are our main products.Wood - plastic door with corrosion, moth - proof, waterproof, fire - resistant, anti - crack, zero formaldehyde and other advantages, suitable for all kinds of scenes.We apply advanced production equipments and Korean advanced microcellular technology. There are 10 production lines currently and annual output to be 216000 sets of doors.We have gained CE certificate of conformity and ISO9001 certificate of quality management in 2015.Since 2015, we provide over 1200 retailing stores in domestic market. In 2016, we set up 5 direct-sale stores in Guangdong province. We export to Middle East, North Africa, South America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, over 15 countries.Juye Technology strives to offer customers with high-quality product with competitive price, provide prompt delivery and reliable services.We warmly welcome you to contact us for cooperation!

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Foshan Juye Technology Co., Ltd.

Name: Kaka Lee

Job Title: sales manager

Department: sales department

Company Phone: +86 757 87662069

E-mail: Contact Us

Mobile Phone: +86 13192680216


Address: No.3,Xingye five Rd,Xinan Street,Sanshui District, Foshan City,Guangdong,China

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