CE certificated high performance flake ice machine

Release Date:2020-08-20 17:39

Five Advantages Of Products

  • For the flat and thin shape, flake ice is excellent in area contact and quickening temperature Cooling. Its easy and fast to produce flake ice without ice crusher but saving cost.
  • Internally-scraping blade, safe and save energy consumption and quickening temperature Cooling
  • According to the different using conditions, stainless steel or carbon steel evaporator material can be optional to optimize benefits.
  • Large water receiving pan, no water wasted
  • Direct liquid feeding and dry evaporation, simple & safe to control

Product Details

Technical Parameters

Model: PB-02TX

Daily Output:

Refrigeration Capacity:

Total Power:

Compressor Power:

Cooling Ways:


Dimensions of M.unit

Dimensions with Bin

Standard Working Conditions

Ambient Temp :25℃                                

Power Supply :3P/380V/50Hz 220V/50Hz or Customized

Inlet Water : 18

Water Inlet Pressure : 0.1MPa~0.5MPa

Ice thickness : 1.5-2.2mm

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