Release Date:2020-08-14 08:46

Five Advantages Of Products

  • FSC materials
  • high quality
  • stability
  • SGS, TUV.....Report for all materials.
  • Delivery Time: 45days

Product Details

380GSM chenille fabric, comfortable, soft and durable.5mm green natural sisal,more health, durable and beautiful.

Different from ordinary cat scratch board, this cactus cat scratch board contains 1.2carb board, which makes the whole cat scratch board thicker, more texturized and more convenient to use.

The toy is with a small green plush ball ,make the toy more fun ,more  attractive .

This is a cat scratching toy positioned between a single piece of sisal cat scratching board and normal cat tree.

Combining with the popular cactus elements, it becomes a new product that can be used for cats to play and decorate the family environment.

51*31 The product is small in size and save space. It can be hang on the wall or put on grournd, corner to play.

Good for cats in different living environments, can be used in  spacious living rooms or compact rooms The product quality is good, the price is cheaper than the ordinary cat tree, at the same time the transportation storage cost is lower.

100pcs small MOQ

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