Automatic Vertical Tripod Turnstile Access Control System

Release Date:2020-05-13 16:08

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Anti-trailing
  • Two-way passing
  • Face recognition
  • Infrared anti pinch system
  • Traffic lights

Product Details

Motorized Tripod Turnstile

1). Card reader available, support WEIGNAD 26/34 communication card reader

2). Bi-directional pass/any single direction pass(adjustable)
3). Arm auto-drop when power off and auto rise up when power on and auto stop on obstacle
4). Traffic light indicator/ Pass direction indication
5). Alarm light available(optional function)/Remote control available (optional function)/ Counter available (optional function)
6). RS232 socket available which can connect to computer. It can also connect to computer by Internet LAN socket (Optional function)

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