AC DC 12V 5A 60W Triac 0-10V PWM Slight Touch Dimmable LED Driver

Release Date:2021-03-02 19:08

Five Advantages Of Products

  • leading edge tangent
  • trailing edge tangent
  • 4 types dimming in 1
  • slim power supply
  • dim without flashing

Product Details

LED Dimmable Driver 60W 12V 5A Triac PWM 0-10V Resistance Dimming LED Power Supply.It is compatible with both forward phase(leading edge,triac) and reverse phase(electronic low-voltage,ELV,and trailing  edge) AC dimmers,including higher end lighting controls.They are also compatible with low-voltage PWM dimmers and RGB color controllers.


 CL-T60W-24V 02.jpg



Product Description

Chengliang Electronic Technology is known as switching power supply manufacturer with certain scale and good reputation in the world.Not because of its advertising,but its standard process and strict quality control,and also its perfect service system.We produce 5v/12v/24v/36v/48v IP20 and IP67 power supply,which are widely used in CCTV camera,LED lighting,3D printer,CNC motor,Step control,Electrical/Medical equipment,etc.

1.Plug-in raw materials.

plug in.jpg

2.Semi-finished product inspection. Semi test1.jpg

3.Assemble and install 


4.Burn-in test for every one


5.Function test for every one Testing1.jpg



7.Storage ST.jpg





10.Exhibitions LED light exhibition.jpg

11.Why choose us?

      12 years' experience in switching power supply manufacturing and developing.

      3000 customers, including 2000 in China mainland, 1000 in overseas markets all over the world;

      100% full load burn-in test

      High quality with competitive price

      Real Factory, OEM and ODM are welcome.

      Delivery within 2 weeks for bulk order, within 3 days for general small batch order

      2 years warranty

      Complete certification, UL,SAA,KC,CE, RoHS, EMC, FCC etc.

      100% full load burn-in test.

12.Our main products

   1)Indoor IP20 power supply

   2)Dimmable LED power supply

   3)IP67 Waterproof power supply

   4)IP63 Rainproof power supply

   5)Slim power supply


If you have any interest,call or email us immediately.We are looking for sincere partners.



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