36W 12V 24V 36V LED inductive switching power supply

Release Date:2020-08-19 14:28

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Output Frequency: 47~60HZ
  • Input Voltage: 100~265vac
  • Warranty(Year): 2-Year
  • Special power supply for cabinet lamp
  • Easy to install

Product Details

Connecting to the indicated position according to power supply output terminal strictly,the wiring must be stable and make sure that the Input-Output wiring is not reversed.(Input "220VAC" connect to AC;Output "+" connect to load anode,output "-" connect to constant cathode).

Please use multimeter to check if input voltage is identical to working voltage before the current is switched on(working Voltage 220 VAC),You can have your electricity after confirmation.

LED Power supply should be mounted vertically and steadily,fix the lid on in case the water get in.

Input Voltage should connect into the allowance range of working voltage(Input voltage 220VAC).
It is forbidden to use in high temperature environment,it should has favorable heat transfer space and environment.
It is forbidden to install on inflammable(ex:woodwork,flammable plastic etc),should keep away from gas station and the place where smocking and fire are prohibited.

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