32Bit BL-5002A 2.4G wireless Sports TV Game

Release Date:2021-03-05 09:21

Five Advantages Of Products

  • 2.4G wireless operation, operation is unfettered, carefree and delirious to enjoy the fun of sports.
  • Regardless of time, venue and weather, the family can do sports together, enjoy family happiness and exercise at the same time
  • Covering mainstream sports and fitness scenes, suitable for different groups of people
  • Own copyright games can be sold to any market in the world
  • 1024 x 720P HD resolution, suitable for mainstream family TV

Product Details

1. Real 32Bit Chipset,720P resolution2. Exercise at home,Anytime, anywhere, don't worry rain, sun, stronger wind, etc,Enjoy Family Health Sports

3. Similar WII of Nintendo,but more games,Built-in 550 REAL no repeat Games

   *23 Sports Game

   *26 Casual puzzle Game

   *501 Classic Games

   *Extend more games through TF card

4. 2.4G Wireless control,10M control distance

5. USB 5V Power supply

6. Support PAL, NTSC etc global TV system

7. HDMI Out to TV

8. Support dual Players

9. Suited for Games,Toys,Gifts,Premium and home entertainment markets

10. Support customization booting logo and game menu language, need 5000pcs or above order quantity

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