221009 ET-9 25inches ILF Riser Recurve Bow For Archery Shooting

Release Date:2021-08-03 11:16

Five Advantages Of Products

  • has good rigidity and excellent shock absorption ability
  • Mechanical analysis and material element analysis design are carried out by using three-dimensional modeling software
  • Using high modulus unidirectional prepreg carbon fiber and 3K grain prepreg carbon fiber material, using high temperature and high pressure technology, to minimize the weight and the stability is not affected by weather conditions
  • Technology wooden push handle
  • Lighter

Product Details

ET-9 25" ILF Carbon Fiber Riser



Material: Carbon fiber

Net Weight:793.2gram

Brace Height suggestion:8.5-9"

M12 Stainless steel limb bolt

7075-T6  alignment plate



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