180mm120mm matte 4 layer TPU film high quality mobile phone screen protector cut any model size with cutting machine

Release Date:2021-03-08 09:46

Five Advantages Of Products

  • No stock scruple,For the tempered glass each model make 100 pcs stock,a thousand models then you need to make a lot of stock.But when you use the smart cutting machine,you will be not prepare so many models stock,just need to prepare the film,you will save a lot of cost.
  • Will no have after sale scruple:The tempered glass will be easy to broken,and now a lot of mobile phone is edge size and with fingerprint function,use the tempered glass will be affect the fingerprint and the touch sensitivity.Not easy to Installation,so many customer don’t like it.
  • Choose you need models and cutting ,just control the Bluetooth with the mobile phone,through the APP click “send” you will get a perfect screen protector..You won't have to worry haven’t order some models stock to loss of orders.
  • The data will be practical update,the backstage supporter will be management by the professional,You won’t have to worry about how to get the newest models,You will get the newest data from us.
  • Easy to installation ,With creative ways :Positioning the film then install the film,Only need 4 steps,will be easy and fast to install the 4 layer TPU film.

Product Details

Quick Details


Function:Anti-scratch, Anti-Fingerprint, anti-explosion, High Transparent, Anti shock, FULL GLUE, Dirt-resistant, FULL COVERAGE, Anti-Oil, Anti-Glare, 3D Curved, Waterproof, ULTRA-THIN, Bubble Free, HD CLEA

RBrand Name:Cookzu

Use:PC / Notebook, Mobile Phone, Mp3 Player, Camera, Video Game Player, GPS, PDA, Smart Watch, camera lense of mobilephone, Front and back

Material:PET, TPU, TPU

Radian:2.5D, 3D

Quality:Grade AAA

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Product:180mm120mm matte 4 layer TPU film high quality mobile phone screen



OEM/ODM:Warmly Welcomed


Feature:anti-dust smooth touching no edge warping full cover



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