What are the advantages of PP film?

Release Date:2021-06-15

About PP film

PP film is a kind of paint-free furniture surface application decorative film made of polypropylene. Its visual effect is comparable to that of wood veneer. It is very suitable for flat sticking, wrapping and conditional 3D blister. The back side can be coated with adhesive, and the treatment of the adhesive can promote adhesion between the film and various workpieces, making the product more durable. The biggest advantage of environmentally friendly PP film is that it is degradable when recycled, and only releases water and carbon dioxide when burned, and does not produce any toxic gas, which brings good news to the environment.


1. Healthy and non-toxic: non-toxic, no peculiar smell, no heavy metal harmful substances such as lead, chromium, etc., can be in direct contact with food, excellent environmental performance, burning does not release toxic gas "dioxin", no harm to the environment and human body .

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof: It has excellent sealing properties, has the functions of blocking water vapor and blocking the release of formaldehyde, and outstanding waterproof, moisture-proof and environmental protection.

3. Cold resistance and heat resistance: strong cold resistance, no embrittlement in winter at minus 30 degrees; no deformation under high temperature 130 degrees.

4. Anti-scratch and abrasion resistance: Excellent mechanical properties, strong resistance to bending fatigue, strong anti-friction coefficient, 5 Newton gravity scratches without leaving traces.

5. Oil resistance and easy cleaning: high density, strong heat resistance, easy to clean oil stains, and good stain resistance.

6. Bright colors: Good chemical stability, does not react with most chemicals, and maintains lasting bright colors.

7. Beautiful texture: strong surface texture and realistic touch, which can realize various design concepts of designers.

8. Insulation resistance: high-frequency insulation performance is excellent, because it hardly absorbs water, the insulation performance is not affected by temperature, the dielectric coefficient is high, and the resistance to voltage and arc is good.

9. Strong plasticity: the subsequent processing is simple and convenient, flat sticking, wrapping, blister can be used, and folding resistance.

10. On-demand customization: it can meet customer's personalized design needs and customized production.

PP film positioning

1. Advanced technology: the industry's first application of water-based inks, membrane product surface treatment technology, membrane product calendering technology, high-tech content, and actual investment in environmental protection technology.

2. Green environmental protection: Ink, adhesive, technical process, packaging, environmental protection requirements are taken as the implementation assessment standard in every link to ensure that the product can be truly safe, green and environmentally friendly.

3. Excellent quality: The product is healthy, non-toxic, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, cold-resistant, easy to clean, and has strong plasticity.

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