The original brand of Chinese women's wear Bense"AI118 Original Cotton linen Shop",The lead faded in the years of flow,returning to nature

Release Date:2021-01-12


Guangzhou Bense "AI118 Original Cotton linen Shop",Ms. Gao Hongyan, the founder, is one of the Top 10 Designers of Guangdong Province.Director of Guangdong Clothing Association,Participate in One Belt And One Road Macau Fashion Week on behalf of Guangdong Fashion Association.The craftsman makes the product.


"AI118 Original Cotton linen Shop"Focus on research and development, uphold originality,Have a strong designer team,Assist R&D to focus on cost-effective products,3-8 new products are released every day.


"AI118 Original Cotton linen Shop"Inspired by the fast-paced hustle and bustle of urban life,Everyone desires to inject comfort and tranquility into their hearts,Can have a third space that is not disturbed!


"AI118 Original Cotton linen Shop"Advocate the pursuit of true life,Advocate the Buddhist philosophy in urban life.Fast pace, slow life.Use minimalist products and dress to position a different lifestyle.


In today’s fast-paced life, People's clothing requirements gradually return to the pursuit of comfort.Wandering through the dazzling display windows, colorful visual impact,It makes it difficult for many babies with entanglement disease to start,Over time, it will produce fatigue aesthetics,The noisy and chaotic city cant satisfy the heart to have a natural and simple and true state of mind.Meet Ai118, a journey to realize your dream...


The unique design concept of Ai118 cannot be surpassed,Adhering to creation,A keen vision of clothing elements,The bold innovation of unique fashion,All belong to the merits of a strong design team,Material selection and cutting are repeated to push new,Until the design is a perfect work, it will be shown to the major consumers.


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Guangzhou Bense Clothing Co., Ltd

Job Title: The sales manager

Department: Electronic Commerce Department

Company Phone: +86 13189095750

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Mobile Phone: +86 13189095750


Address: 462 Yijing Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (Pearl River International Textile City)

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