C145, C150, HP500 Telsmith 57SBS, BHS 0922/1222 7150SE Parts to Cheribinsike ,Russia

Release Date:2020-06-24

C145, C150, HP500 Telsmith 57SBS, BHS 0922/1222 Barmac 7150SE Parts to Cheribinsike ,Russia


Date Nov. 19th.2019


Model: BHS 0922 /1222 VSI Crusher Parts

Model:  new 7150SE VSI Crusher Parts

      Upper wear plate SN265235

      Lower wear plate SN142295

      U Shape Cavity plate SN736026

      Rotor Tips SN355618

      Feeding tube SN110584

      Distribution plate SN306855       

Model: Telsmith 57-SBS Concave Ring JD1-272-2758 and Mantle Liner BF-272-2760

C145 Stationary jaw plate (814390552600) and swin jaw plates 814390552700

C150 Fix Jaw plate MM0564291 and swin jaw plates MM0577582

HP500 Concave Ring 1048314236 And Mantle Liner 553008514


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