In713 impeller

Release Date:2020-10-13

echnical characteristics of In713 impeller of our unit:Recently, there are many impellers made in the factory. There are Inconel713 impellers, K418 impellers, and high-temperature alloy development impellers. There are more impellers. We found that the impellers we made have the following appearance characteristics:The blades we make are generally moving impellers. The impeller itself is composed of multiple blades (more than 24). Each blade has a circular arc or a gradual thickness. Each blade must be perfect and uniform, without damage, and with missing corners,Gap or uneven thickness, each blade must be free of sarcoma, and the surface of the blade must be smooth, and no repair or welding can be done. The connection between any blade and the upper and lower discs must be very smooth, the structural connection between each impeller is tight and cannot be deformed, the overall mechanism is very complicated, and the requirements for mold design and runner design are very high.Material characteristics:The high-temperature alloy material itself is more difficult to form than ordinary materials,Impeller mold features:The design of the impeller mold must first meet the shape and the materialSuch high requirements can meet the requirements of most of our customers. Welcome to try orders!

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