How to make a handmade paper Straw Christmas tree story

Release Date:2020-09-16

    Christmas tree for Christmas, just like lanterns, couplets for our Spring Festival, how are indispensable. Share with kindergartners an interesting manual on how to make a cute tree ornament out of a paper Straw that you can hang on a window or door or on a large tree. If the children are interested, prepare the next material follow the following steps to try it out! ~


    Materials and tools: popsicle sticks, paper straws, scissors, glue, glitter star stickers, ribbon, Hot Glue Gun (adult supervision required).


    1. Cut the straw into different lengths, from small to large. Nine here.

     2. Arrange the straws in order from small to large. Add a large amount of glue to the popsicle stick and paste the straws in order of size.


    3. Stick a star sticker on the top of the Christmas tree. Completely dry.


    4. Tape the ends of the ribbon to the back of the Christmas tree to hang it up.


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