Custom Metal Machining Precision Aluminum Parts CNC Machining Mechanical Parts

Release Date:2021-04-08

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Material: Aluminum(6061-T6, 6063, 7075-T6, 5052) etc.

Brass / Copper / Bronze etc....

Stainless steel(302,303,304,316,420) etc.

Steel(Light steel,Q235,20#, 45# ) etc.

Plastic(ABS, Delrin, PP, PE, PC,acrylic acid)etc.

Process: CNC machining,CNC turning,CNC milling,CNC lathe processing,CNC Boring, CNC grinding,CNC drilling etc.

Surface treatment: Transparent / color anodized;Hard anodizing;Powder coating;

                Sand blasting,Laser carving,Silk screening;

Nickel plated,chrome,Galvanized,Silver / gold plating;

Black oxide coating;polishing;etc....

Certification: IS09001:2015, Rohs, SGS, TDV

Manufacturability: Depends on the complexity of different products and quantities

Experience: CNC machining service for 10 years

Packaging Customization: Design packaging according to your products;

Make the packagings according to your requests;

Print your LOGO on the packaging as long as you need;

Other request according to your need.

MOQ: satisfy customer's request

Shipping Ways: Express (DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS);By air ; By sea;Or according to your requirements


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