two way car alarm system

Release Date:2019-08-26 15:42

Five Advantages Of Products

  • FSK two way
  • super long remote distance
  • Low power
  • 868Mhz
  • all function of alarm

Product Details

Function details:
1. Remote engine start shut-off (f AT MT)
2.Warning by sound light
3.Remote arm/disarm
4.Power off memy to status after power on
5.Engine cut off when in arm
6.Car do open/close by remote
7.Auto alarm re-alarm
8.Remote trunk release
10.Mute alarm
11.Parking on roadside warning
12.LED light on f warning
13.Car finding
14.Passive alarm when brake the speed up to 20km
15.Window close
16.Electric lock/pneumatic lock option
17.Car washing mode 

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