factory leno scaffold tarpaulin

Release Date:2019-08-22 11:09

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Water proof, transparent film, high tear and tensile strength
  • Fire retardant, high UV protect
  • Factory supplier, quality and cost control directly
  • Apply to agriculature, green light house and construction
  • Package in bale pack, carton box pack, dispaly box and roll pack

Product Details

Leno tarpaulin, scaffold tarpaulin apply to agriculature, sunlight house and construction. It is made from 100% virgin PE grain. 

In our factory PE grain extrude to PE yarn, denier is from 500D to 1300D. Water jet looms with suitable width to save cost. QC will make random checking for coated fabric by color, tear and tensile strength, weight and thickness in factory Lab.

Grammage of tarpaulin is from 80gsm to 250gsm. Meash count is 3x3. Colour of yarns could be white, green or customized. Fabric could be add UV grain and FR based on  customer's requirement.

Our tarpaulin products including general purpose tarps, pool cover, car covers, truck tarp, leno tarp, scaffold tarp and insulated tarps. 

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